A trace of what works and what doesn't might be useful here.


On Dec 19, 2011, at 17:58, Piotr Isajew wrote:

> Hi,
> About a month ago I started to have problems with one of
> operators when sending via MM1 interface... They accept
> m-send-reqs and properly respond with m-send-confs.
> The problem is that when message contains SMIL it isn't delivered
> to the destination address. If I send plain text, or image
> message (without SMIL) it's being delivered correctly.
> SMIL messages sent via other operators' MMSCs are handled
> correctly.
> I suspect that the problem here is caused by a kind of software
> upgrade/reconfiguration on the operator's side. I'm unable to
> verify this with them however. It appears that their Customer
> Care Department has been hired as a firewall between the
> customer and the rest of the company. My most successful
> conversation with them resulted in sending me configuration
> messages for MMS service ;/
> I've spent a lot of time experimenting with various combinations
> of m-send-req and SMIL contents. It appears that whether the
> message is being handled properly or not depends on SMIL
> presence. 
> Maybe someone had similar problems and would like to comment on
> this?
> Response headers tell me that their current gateway is Comverse
> 4.5
> Regards,
> Piotr
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