I am in the process of testing some mm4 features and had a question about 
several of the headers used (To, From, and Sender).

The mm4 spec indicates that the addressing for these fields (when destined for 
an e164 recipient) should be:

SMTP-address = "<" MMS-address "@" domain ">" 
MMS-address = "+" E.164 "/TYPE=PLMN" 
E.164 = 1*DIGIT 
domain = dom-fragment *( "." dom-fragment ) 
dom-fragment = ( ALPHA | DIGIT ) *( ALPHA | DIGIT | "-" )

A couple of traces show that the none of the fields mentioned above contain the 
'+' prefix for the e164 address. Is there a configuration that would need to be 
modified to set this prefix?

Thanks in advance.
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