Thanks for the response.

I am running the mmsc. I am testing communication with a 3rd party mmsc on 
another network. The messages coming from the other network all have the "+" 
sign for all e164 headers (to, from, and sender). 

Messages coming into mbuni seem to be handled without issue (mms makes it to 
the handset and responses are sent back to the originating mmsc).

None of the responses from mbuni (or originating messages destined for the 
remote mmsc) preface the e164 addresses with the "+" sign.

I do have the unified-prefix set to strip the + on incoming messages for 
routing, but does that have an impact on outgoing messages as well?

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Likely an issue to do with the unified-prefix setting. Are you using mmsbox or 
mmsc? Please explain what you did in more detail.


On Jun 04, 2012, at 18:00, Ren Hutchinson wrote:

> Hello,
> I am in the process of testing some mm4 features and had a question about 
> several of the headers used (To, From, and Sender).
> The mm4 spec indicates that the addressing for these fields (when destined 
> for an e164 recipient) should be:
> SMTP-address = "<" MMS-address "@" domain ">" 
> MMS-address = "+" E.164 "/TYPE=PLMN" 
> E.164 = 1*DIGIT 
> domain = dom-fragment *( "." dom-fragment ) 
> dom-fragment = ( ALPHA | DIGIT ) *( ALPHA | DIGIT | "-" )
> A couple of traces show that the none of the fields mentioned above contain 
> the '+' prefix for the e164 address. Is there a configuration that would need 
> to be modified to set this prefix?
> Thanks in advance.
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