Piotr, thank you, I really appreciate your help.
libcurl problem solved after recompiling from sources.
But now I got other message:

ERROR: bearerbox.c:1679 <process_send_res> [MM7] [n/a] Retry later MMSBox
Outgoing Queue MMS Send: From 999/TYPE=PLMN, to 999@unknown, msgsize=559:
internal error, mm1 notify not started!

Documentation says:
"...When the MMSC receives a message destined to MMS Clients in the area
served by the MMSC, the message is stored and an MMS notification sent to
the recipient via WAP Push..."
How to do that? I want to tell mbuni to send notification to mobile.

2013/8/15 Piotr Isajew <p...@ex.com.pl>

> On Thu, Aug 15, 2013 at 11:54:17AM +0400, Daniil Egorov wrote:
> > Questions:
> > 1. What is the best Mbuni protocol for sending mms
> > from server to mobile? I chose MM1 and running Mbuni mmsbox.
> MM1 is the correct choice for this usage pattern unless you have
> direct connection to operator's MMSC. In that case use the
> protocol provided by them (MM7 or MM4).
> The archictecture for MM1 is that you connect one or more gprs
> modems to mbuni box, then mmsbox initates gprs connection to the
> MMS APN and submits messages to operator's MMSC via MM1 protocol.
> > 2. Do i need running mmsbox to use sendmms port?
> Almost for sure - yes. You use sendmms service to submit messages
> to be sent to mobile.
> > 3. Proper configuration for sending mms from mbuni sendmms is
> > VAS gateway.  Am I right?
> Yes. mmsbox is the daemon that needs to be running.
> >4. What I need to do to have libcurl detected and mmsbox
> >running?
> Maybe try recompiling mbuni from sources. Perhaps the .deb
> package you use doesn't include MM1 related stuff.
> >5. Is there other way to send mms from SMIL file without using
> >mmsbox and mmssend port?
> It is the easiest one to use. Of course on the certain level of
> understanding of mbuni source, you could prepare queue entries
> with an external program and inject them into mmsbox_outgoing
> queue just for sending.
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