Thank you. I've configured mmsc somehow, and I want to submit a
message for local delivery. But I get message

"Don't know how to route!"


Failed to contact MMC[url=localhost] => HTTP returned status=[-1]!

Can you help me with configuring? I want to route all messages from mmsbox
(mmssend port) to local mbuni mmsc.
How config files for them must look?
Are they must be different?

2013/8/16 Piotr Isajew <>

> On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 09:07:10AM +0400, Daniil Egorov wrote:
> > Piotr, thank you, I really appreciate your help.
> > libcurl problem solved after recompiling from sources.
> > But now I got other message:
> >
> > ERROR: bearerbox.c:1679 <process_send_res> [MM7] [n/a] Retry later MMSBox
> > Outgoing Queue MMS Send: From 999/TYPE=PLMN, to 999@unknown,
> msgsize=559:
> > internal error, mm1 notify not started!
> >
> the message above is a generic message saying that MM1 wasn't
> started (probably due to some errors in the configuration)
> > Documentation says:
> > "...When the MMSC receives a message destined to MMS Clients in the area
> > served by the MMSC, the message is stored and an MMS notification sent to
> > the recipient via WAP Push..."
>  > How to do that? I want to tell mbuni to send notification to
>  mobile.
> mmsbox it the part that sends out messages to the handset using
> operator's MMSC, so when using this one, it's the operator's MMSC
> role to notify the handset about the incoming message.
> If what you want is your own MMSC, you should also configure mmsc
> part of the package (I believe mmsrelay will be the part to put
> the most attention to).
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