After consulting the netbeans slack chat I found the solution. It the
continuation intent size, which is set to 8 by default.  Switching to 4
makes everything correct (regardless of using tabs or spaces)

Sry for the double posting.

Best wishes,


Am 02.03.2018 um 17:52 schrieb Wilm Schumacher:
> Hi,
> I need help for the configuration of the code formatter for javascript.
> If I use a newline for the usage of the dot operator the formatter
> inserts two "space units", thus two tabs or 8 spaces.
> == example
> foo
>     .bar(); // wanted
> foo
>         .bar(); // recieved
> ==
> Unfortunately I didn't find a formatter option for javascript regarding
> this. Any help is appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Wilm

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