Sorry for bother this group, but I literally found zero help in Google and
the pool of Swing/JavaFX knowledgeable people is a quickly dwindling one :-(

Our Swing application puts up a JDialog whose contents is a JTabbedPane
with a few tabs.  One of them is currently a JEditorPane that was
displaying some simple HTML.  Because we need to now show more
sophisticated HTML that includes links, I replaced the JEditorPane with my
own JPanel that contains a JFXPanel whose Scene is a WebView.  I’ve done
this a few times in the past and never had any trouble.  But that was
always with a JFrame.  But this time it’s not: the web page displays just
fine, but clicking the links doesn’t work!  The problem is clearly the
JDialog – everything works fine when the WebView is placed in a JFrame
instead of a JDialog.

I remember that JDialog has their own event processing – so I’m pretty
certain that it has something to do with that - since JavaFX doesn’t even
use the Swing event processing.  I just don’t know what to do about it.
Have you come across the issue and found a solution?  Any pointers would be
appreciated.  Even if it's just a link.

Thanks a bunch,


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