Hello All,

Just upgraded to Netbeans 8.2 and Java EE Base plug-in is 1.31.1 as I
recall.  Attempting to get support for Java EE 7 or 8.  Netbeans stated
I needed to upgrade to support string comparisons in a switch

After the upgrades I am still limited to Java EE 6.  It does show Java
EE 7 for a GlassFish server, but not EE 8.  When I select Tomcat it
drops back to 6 and 5 again.  Tomcat is what I need to support.  Our
Tomcat server is running 8.5.23 and JVM version 1.8.

So how I am suppose to upgrade to 7 or 8?

I suspect there are others that have done this before.  As for me I am
just starting in the Java world.

Thank you,

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