I like it, I like it a lot. Let's do it!
    On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 17:01:20 GMT, Geertjan Wielenga 
<geertjan.wiele...@googlemail.com> wrote:  
 Thanks for the enthusiasm. :-) As an Apache project, NetBeans will not be able 
to earn money directly -- all money coming into Apache goes to the foundation 
as a whole:

However, potentially, there could be an organization that we set up together 
comparable to Tomitribe (tomitribe.com), i.e., Apache TomEE (tomee.apache.org) 
has an external organization that provides support and so on -- and also 
receives money. I.e., we could have a NetBeans Tribe or something like that, 
which could offer advanced features or maybe fix bugs on demand or something 
like that, in exchange for money.
Just a thought, though something for the future, if at all.
On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 5:50 PM, Ashton Hogan <ashtonho...@ymail.com.invalid> 

 Hi all

Like all of you, I use NetBeans to build my own projects. Lately I've noticed a 
particular competitor IDE being demanded more on job specs and wondered how 
they managed to grow so big so quick. Turns out they sell licenses as well as 
offering a free version. I, myself, as a user feel guilty benefitting as much 
as I do from NetBeans and never having to pay a dime for it, even though I 
would absolutely do so in a heartbeat given the opportunity. Is there any way 
that NetBeans can make some income to support its longevity? 



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