We would need to know more about your environment to help. Is it possible to 
share your codebase when the problem occurs provided it is not private?

If you install git [1] and use the cli (git-bash) by issuing `git status` in 
the project path, what do you observe?

  [1]: https://git-scm.com/

> On 10 Mar 2018, at 21:10, Owen Thomas <owen.paul.tho...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> I have been using NetBeans with Git (I moved my codebase from SVN about about 
> ten months ago), and I seem to have some problems after I open a clean 
> working copy.
> After I commit my changes, I sometimes observe that some blue cylinder 
> embellishments remain next to some packages. I backup my .git file, delete 
> the original, and restore it from backup. Sometimes, after checking out a 
> working copy and after reloading projects into NetBeans, I observe some 
> compilation errors. It seems that there are also some uncommitted changes, 
> and removing these changes seems to remove the compilation errors.
> Has anyone got a clue as to what might be going on? Is something being cached 
> in NetBeans somewhere?
> Thanks,
>   Owen.

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