Hi Owen,

I see Brett is posting about the git portion of your questions.  I'll try
to answer some of the others.

> I observe some compilation errors.
> Is something being cached
I also get this symptom when making changes to a large number of files in a
project.  I think the root of the issue may be the file watching. When lots
of files get changed, the buffers get flooded. For me, this is the buffers
in the operating system (windows !@#$%&).  The result is that NetBeans
doesn't immediately recognize some of the changed files. It does seem to go
through a slow polling loop and eventually recognize all the changes, but
then the symptoms here branch into two categories.
1. the red marks for compile errors go away on their own, or you hurry it
along by opening one of the classes or doing a rebuild or whatever.
2. the red marks stay no matter what you do.

1. In the first case, I don't think there's much to be done about it other
than a significant rewrite. The symptoms here may accidentally change with
JDK 9, so I look forward to using NetBeans 9 with JDK 9 at some point. Part
of this story is that classes seem to be getting compiled twice: once into
class files on disk and a second time into RAM. Notice, for example, that
if you do a clean and then a build that it doesn't speed things up.

2. In the second case, I do see sticky red marks that don't go away.
Deleting the NetBeans cache does fix that. I've found it more helpful to
delete the cache when NetBeans isn't executing. I seem to remember seeing
people making a plugin for NetBeans for deleting the cache.

Kind Regards,

Johnny Muczynski

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 5:10 AM Owen Thomas <owen.paul.tho...@gmail.com>

> Hello.
> I have been using NetBeans with Git (I moved my codebase from SVN about
> about ten months ago), and I seem to have some problems after I open a
> clean working copy.
> After I commit my changes, I sometimes observe that some blue cylinder
> embellishments remain next to some packages. I backup my .git file, delete
> the original, and restore it from backup. Sometimes, after checking out a
> working copy and after reloading projects into NetBeans, I observe some
> compilation errors. It seems that there are also some uncommitted changes,
> and removing these changes seems to remove the compilation errors.
> Has anyone got a clue as to what might be going on? Is something being
> cached in NetBeans somewhere?
> Thanks,
>   Owen.

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