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     Certified Update Center

Suitable for plugins that are tested by QA, and which are critical for the user experience of using NetBeans with Oracle technologies and products. The source code of plugins on the Certified UC should be hosted in the main NetBeans repository. The list of plugins for the Certified UC is tracked here: NB73StableModulesUC <>


On 3/11/2018 12:54 AM, Brett Ryan wrote:

On 11 Mar 2018, at 14:38, Niklas Matthies < <>> wrote:

Brett, the CVS plugin is provided by the "Certified Plugins" Update Center:
(See also in NetBeans under Tools -> Plugins -> Settings)

Certified plugins actually have a higher status than plugins in the Plugin Portal, cf.

This doesn't mean it's supposed to be a part of the distribution, and the plugin portal is supposed to list plugins in both.

    /Plugin portal should list all NetBeans plugins, regardless of
    whether they are available on the UC and which one, and regardless
    of whether they are developed by an Oracle employee or not, and
    regardless of where the sources are hosted/


On Sun 2018-03-11 at 14:15h, Brett Ryan wrote on users:
I'm still not seeing how you guys got it in, it's clearly not in my
8.2 install, and I can not see it anywhere on the plugin portal <>

And the documentation says it's not part of the IDE anymore (since

So given the documentation the only way you could get CVS support is
by installing the plugin.

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