Are there any know problems running the C/C++ plugin for Netbeans 10 on the 
latest distribution of Raspbian?
I had a clean installation of the latest full Raspbian on a 32G microSD.Using 
sudo apt-get install netbeans 

It loaded Netbeans 10 which ran fine but had no C/C++ support.I believed the 
solution was to use Netbeans to install a C/C++ plugin from Netbeans 8.? 

This I did before close to the very end an error was displayed.Neatbeans still 
loaded and I could see C/C++ was now present however it would not run.
After shutting Raspbian down properly I found the OS would not boot and I am 
having trouble using the card which shows 0 size.Sorry for not posting 
screenshots and error messages, I am a bit messed up until I get the card 
working.I am also a bit nervous of using Netbeans, is the card failure just a 
coincidence or is it related to the problem installing C/C++

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