I have another SD card now so I am going to give it a go and take 
screenshots.It could be that the old card was faulty but until I did the C/C++ 
plugin installation (which failed) Raspbian was booting and working fine.

    On Wednesday, 25 March 2020, 22:13:40 GMT, Emilian Bold 
<emilian.b...@gmail.com> wrote:  
 The most likely explanation is that it was the hardware card failing
that made NetBeans not work properly.

I wouldn't know how the 8.2 plugins work with current NetBeans but
other people seem to suggest this workaround (although OpenBeans.org
has had the /up-to-date/ C/C++ modules since 2018, sigh...)


On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 9:11 PM frui...@yahoo.co.uk.INVALID
<frui...@yahoo.co.uk.invalid> wrote:
> Are there any know problems running the C/C++ plugin for Netbeans 10 on the 
> latest distribution of Raspbian?
> I had a clean installation of the latest full Raspbian on a 32G microSD.
> Using
> sudo apt-get install netbeans
> It loaded Netbeans 10 which ran fine but had no C/C++ support.
> I believed the solution was to use Netbeans to install a C/C++ plugin from 
> Netbeans 8.?
> This I did before close to the very end an error was displayed.
> Neatbeans still loaded and I could see C/C++ was now present however it would 
> not run.
> After shutting Raspbian down properly I found the OS would not boot and I am 
> having trouble using the card which shows 0 size.
> Sorry for not posting screenshots and error messages, I am a bit messed up 
> until I get the card working.
> I am also a bit nervous of using Netbeans, is the card failure just a 
> coincidence or is it related to the problem installing C/C++

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