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This would help me a lot in building the flow. Thanks a bunch!!

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> Hi Karthik,
> I think what you want to be using here is PutSQL, rather than ExecuteSQL.
> ExecuteSQL
> is designed to perform a SELECT statement, whereas PutSQL would update a
> database.
> PutSQL expects the incoming FlowFile to contain the SQL to execute.
> So you could use ReplaceText with the 'Replacement Strategy' set to
> "Always Replace"
> and set the Replacement Value to whatever SQL you want to use. The
> ReplaceText processor
> supports the Expression Language, so you can reference whatever FlowFile
> attributes you would
> like to formulate the message.
> How to get information from the Kafka message into your FlowFile
> attributes depends on the type of
> data that you are pulling. If it is JSON, for instance, you could use
> EvaluateJsonPath to extract out
> particular pieces of information into FlowFile attributes.
> Does this help?
> Thanks
> -Mark
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> Hello All,
> I am currently developing an ETL pipeline and I am using Apache NiFi for
> this task. I would like to know if there is any processor that help with
> the following use case: I am consuming from Kafka and based on some
> attributes in the message then I am updating the database with the data. I
> have a GetKafka for getting the messages and a ExecuteSQL processor for
> updating the database.  I am stuck in finding a processor that reads the
> Kafka message and checks the attribute and then sends the data values to
> the executeSQL processor. Can someone help on this?
> Thanks!!
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