We are making OAI-PMH requests invoked within Http.

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> Hi Selvam,
> Supposing that your source if a SQL-like source, you should have a look at
> QueryDatabaseTable [1] processor. It proposes a 'Maximum-value Columns'
> that gives you the possibility to specify the column containing an ID and
> or timestamp. The processor will keep track of the maximum value for each
> column that has been returned since the processor started running. This can
> be used to retrieve only those rows that have been added/updated since the
> last retrieval. Note that some JDBC types such as bit/boolean are not
> conducive to maintaining maximum value, so columns of these types should
> not be listed in this property, and will result in error(s) during
> processing. If no columns are provided, all rows from the table will be
> considered, which could have a performance impact.
> [1] https://nifi.apache.org/docs/nifi-docs/
> Pierre
> 2016-09-20 8:50 GMT+02:00 Selvam Raman <sel...@gmail.com>:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > We have a requirement to pull data periodically from a data source. For
>> this to work we would like nifi to keep track of the last id or time stamp
>> that was pulled successfully so that the next pull starts from that point.
>> >
>> > Let me know if nifi supports this? If yes how do we configure?
>> >
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