Hi there,

I am in the process of documenting the process required to integrate NiFi
and MapR and I would like to confirm if the following process works for you
folks as well:

*Is there any way to connect to a MapR cluster using the HDFS compatible

   - A: Yes but it requires compiling NiFI from source. The process is
   rather straight forward:

*If the cluster is running in secure mode (Kerberos)*

   1. install mapr-client

   2. configure mapr-client as per MapR documentation

   3. After configuring the secure client, confirm everything is working by

   `maprlogin kerberos` or `maprlogin password`

   followed by

   `hadoop fs -ls -d`

   4. compile NiFi using the adequate profile:
   mvn -T2.0C -DskipTests=true -Pmapr -Dhadoop.version=<mapr_
   artifact_version_as_per_mapr_documentation> where artifact version
   matches your MapR release.

   5. Deploy nifi as per documentation,

   6. modify bootstrap.conf so that it contains

   7. create a core-site.xml with the following content:


*  <property>     <name>hadoop.security</name>     <value>hybrid</value>
   </property>   <property>*
   *    <name>fs.defaultFS</name>*
   *    <value>maprfs:///</value>*
   *  </property>*

*</configuration> *
   8. the PutHDFS processor and point to the core-site.xml above, creating
   a kerberos keytab as customary

   9. test

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