According to the NiFi users 
 you need to be running on Internet Explorer Edge browser to get NiFi working 
in iE.  If you are running IE10 or IE11 it just isn't going to work because of 
the lack of functionality in those versions.

Not sure with which version of Windows you can start installing Edge, but I 
don't believe it's available on Win7.


From: Provenzano Nicolas []
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 1:25 AM
Subject: Nifi UI configured to be accessed over HTTPS not displayed in Internet 

Hi all,

I installed a Nifi 1.0.0 instance and configured the User Interface to be 
accessed over HTTPS.

I installed the client certificate in IE and Firefox.

Everything works fine with Firefox when connecting to https://host1:9443/nifi/.

When I try to connect using IE, the tab is correctly renamed "Nifi" but the 
Canvas is not displayed. Instead, a simple blue screen is displayed.

Did someone else have the same issue ?

Thanks and regards,


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