I am building a few servers that will be clustered.
I have noticed that by default controller settings I can set the Maximum (
timer and event driven ).

In determining this should I assume that my thread count will be based on
what my machine see's for CPU's?

Output of mpstat -P ALL ?

And for instance if I have 16 CPU's from that output then I should set my
max to potentially 16?

I've seen increased performance if I set the max timer driven count to
numbers that are greater than my cpu's and I assume the underlying
framework handles that as cpu cycles happen, However I am just trying to
see if there is a rule of thumb assuming my server's sole purpose is to run
What is the community setting those to?  Something like:

(cores) x 3 = max thread count

It will be based on my dataflow and monitoring my system "cpu / memory / io
/ network"
But want to gather others input.

I am also wondering if given the choice on scheduling strategy, should I
choose "event driven"?

Thank you for your insight on this.

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