The ReplaceText processor [1] will allow you to set the content of a
flow file to a string of your choosing. You can use GenerateFlowFile
[2] with a size of 0B and type Text, to get a flow file routed to
ReplaceText, which then sets the content. This is a common pattern
seen in some of the example templates [3].

Alternatively, I have a one-processor template [4] that uses
InvokeScriptedProcessor [5] and Groovy, and lets you generate flow
file(s) where you can set the content and filename via processor

I couldn't find a Jira case (but feel free to write one) to add the
ability to set the content of the flow file directly in
GenerateFlowFile, which would allow you to skip the ReplaceText



On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 9:14 AM, Alessio Palma
<> wrote:
> Hello, is there a processor which allows to build a flowfile from a string?
> Basically I have some huge queries and want to add them into the
> workflow without load them from file or database.
> AP

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