Definitely sounds like a bug and I agree it is 'unhandy' when stated in the
nicest possible terms.  Do you mind creating a JIRA for this?


On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 11:32 AM, Yari Marchetti <
yari.marche...@buongiorno.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I need to configure several processors with some very long text and, even
> if it's very easy to create them, I'm finding the UI for reading a little
> "unhandy". The reason is that:
> - As long as the text is only one line (even if very very long), there's
> no problem: a scrolling bar is created but the resize handle available in
> all major browser is visible so I can simply resize the text area to a
> suitable dimension. Same is true horizontally (I think scroll bar kicks in
> after something like 5 or 6)
> ​​
> - But when the text exceed the max dimension both horizontally and
> vertically, the resize handle vanish and there's no way to resize the text
> are anymore.
> -
> - I'm not a CSS/JS expert but as far as I can see it's all due to this
> line:
> <div class="CodeMirror-scrollbar-filler" style="display: block; width:
> 17px; height: 17px;"></div>
> which, if removed, brings back the resize handle.
> ​
> So my question is: Is there any way already implemented to resize the
> text, under the circumstances I explained above? or this is an unintended
> bug?
> Thanks,
> Yari

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