Hi all,

Yet another question...

I defined a flow to process session information coming from CSV files.

Each record contains a session ID, a session state and some session counters.

The merge content processor allows merging flowfiles according to an attribute 
(the correlation attribute name) so I was able to merge flowfiles according to 
the session ID.

However, I would like to trigger the merging only when the session state 
reaches a specific value (for example, ended).

Please note that session info can be distributed over several input flows but 
always end with state = ended.

So for example, a first CSV file contains :

100, started, 1, 2

A second CSV file contains

100, inProgress, 2, 4

And a third CSV file contains

100, ended, 4,6

The merge content processor should then produce the following flowfile :

100, started, 1, 2
100, inProgress, 2, 4
100, ended, 4,6

Meaning that the two first records should be kept as long as the "ended" one is 
not received.

Is there anyway of doing it directly with this processor or with any others ?



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