I am trying to determine how to approach this.

I have a data source that broadcasts packets via telnet on a certain port.

mytelnet.mydomain.net 8000

Once I connect through telnet it will prompt for my user name like so:

Please enter your user name:

Once you enter your username you start receiving the data one record per

So far I have been able to process this data stream like so:

I open a telnet connection on my machine. I route the packets to a file and
I use the TailFile processor to read the incoming packets that get appended
to that file.

Then I process each line and send it to a Cassandra cluster.

I wonder how can I directly connect to the Telnet source from Nifi, to
avoid having to flush to a log file and using the TailFile processor as
intermediate steps.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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