There could be more guidance to help someone get started when first
entering a brand new registry, like a link to launch the new bucket
dialog/workflow if the user has the special privilege. Being a special
privilege, however, I think it makes sense to direct the user to the Admin
section (wrench icon) and that all management aspects be performed there.

I think it would be really helpful if that user could create a new bucket
from the Save Flow Version dialog *in NiFi*. This way they would not even
have to access the Registry UI to create the bucket.

I agree with what Bryan described around flow import/export  functionality.

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 9:11 AM Scott Aslan <> wrote:

> One of the really cool features of the registry UI is the ability to deep
> link to a user, group, or bucket as well as the ability to deep link to
> view ALL of the items the current user is authorized to view, deep link
> to view ALL of the items in a specific bucket that the current user is
> authorized to view, and deep link to view a single item (flow). This
> functionality was geared towards enabling the user to search for an item
> (flow) by leveraging existing API calls but without building any real
> search capabilities into the UI or the backend. I agree that listing all
> items across buckets is not a very scalable approach and I could see a
> future where we replace this particular deep link (the main listing view
> of all items across all buckets) with a Google type search bar UX that
> will provide the user with a more complete search functionality. However, I
> also do still see value in being able to 'share' a link to be able to view
> a single item (flow) or to be able to share the contents of a bucket.
> -Scotty
> On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 4:29 PM, Andrew Grande <> wrote:
>> Looking more at the UI. Not sure listing all items across buckets is a
>> very scalable approach. I expect to have lots and lots of buckets and many
>> many versions within a bucket. Having more of a 'nested' navigation, when
>> one can dive into a bucket, should provide for a more responsive UI and, as
>> a benefit, make a logical place for the New/Import button.
>> And yes, working from the cli and taking a registry-first approach is
>> what drives all these activities.
>> Cheers,
>> Andrew
>> On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 2:41 PM Bryan Bende <> wrote:
>>> Andrew,
>>> I agree it is a little confusing, especially when you first enter a
>>> brand new registry instance with no data.
>>> However, the main page of the registry is not a listing of buckets, it
>>> is a listing of "items" across all buckets, where currently the only
>>> time of item is a flow. You then click on an item to see the details
>>> which includes the version list. So I'm not sure if having a "New
>>> Bucket" button on the main page makes sense when you aren't looking at
>>> the list of buckets.
>>> Regarding "New Flow" and "New Version"...
>>> Currently these are not options from with in the registry because they
>>> are expected to happen from NiFi. However, if we wanted to add the
>>> ability to export/import between registries (which I think we should)
>>> then I agree with your suggestions. There could be an "Import" button
>>> at the top-level which would create the flow and the first version as
>>> one operation, I view this as what you are calling "New Flow", and
>>> then there could be an "Import Version" action from the actions
>>> drop-down of a specific flow.
>>> -Bryan
>>> On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 11:39 AM, Andrew Grande <>
>>> wrote:
>>> > Hi,
>>> >
>>> > I wanted to share some feedback and suggestions on the registry UI. It
>>> was a
>>> > little unnatural to look for a New Bucket button in the Settings menu.
>>> Same
>>> > sentiment with the Create Flow for when we expect to be able to import
>>> it in
>>> > the UI in the near future.
>>> >
>>> > How about making the (+) or New button much more prominent and where
>>> one
>>> > would expect it? I propose:
>>> >
>>> > New Bucket action in the top menu on the main screen. Can hide if no
>>> > permission.
>>> > New Flow button once inside the bucket.
>>> > New Flow version once inside a flow.
>>> >
>>> > The semantics of the action change between Create and Import depending
>>> on
>>> > the context, but the expected action button location should be the
>>> least
>>> > confusing.
>>> >
>>> > Makes sense?
>>> >
>>> > Andrew
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