I just tried to post a message to the OO Forum after some months of absence. I couldn't do it; the forum said I had an invalid user name or password.

I clicked the "forgot password" button. The system reset my password and sent me the new one. I activated the new password and tried to log on. The forum said I had an invalid user name or password. I tried again, typing the new password instead of copy-and-pasting. Invalid user name or password.

I created a brand new account with a different user name and email address. After I got the acknowledgment I activated the account and tried to log in. Invalid user name and password.

I appear to be locked out of the forum completely.

Since I have no way to contact the administrators without logging on, this mailing list seems to be my only recourse.

Anyone involved with administering the forum, please help!

If there are no forum administrators here, I'd be grateful if somebody would forward this message to one of them.

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