Sorry guys this is a user mailing list and as a user I'm only interested in functionality
the technical aspects should be discussed at the dev mailing list

On 18/09/16 10:51 AM, Fernando Cassia wrote:
On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 7:03 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton <
  1.43 GB (1,541,226,333 bytes) of text in
  60,955 files, in 6429 folders

wow, thousands of folders!! that already scared the s--t out of me. Folders
are hard to port. And the 1.43 gigabyte figure of TEXT FILES expanded to
the full number..... mind-blowing-ACHIEVED.
*sarcasm* *sarcasm*.

Of course, a straight port to Java would be difficult. But IMHO that'd not
be the right way to approach it.
The right way to approach big problems is to divide them into little
problems that are easier to solve.

What does an Office suite do? Open office files and display them. Then
allow users to edit them, and save them. (also, print them). ;)

So what is the most easily postable part of a big office suite? I/O of
course. Loading documents into memory and saving them. That requires no UI.
That (ODF input/output libraries) would be IMHO the first target to attempt
to isolate and port. Then once that is achieved it could be attempted to
create a Java based AOO Document VIEWER (that just displays a document not
edit it). And finally the biggest hurdle would be to replicate (if porting
is not possible) as much as possible the AOO GUI / behaviour using Netbeans
Platform components / widgets.

But of course it'd d take slow, small incremental steps until reaching the
desired goal.


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