At 18:23 16/10/2016 +0000, Vince Bonly wrote:
The formula that appears in C459 contains the text string: $D$343:$L450 .

That's not really a text string in this context but a cell range.

Since the number of rows is increasing over the year, I would like to name that range and use it as a replacement in the formulae.

I'm assuming that you know how to name cell ranges, using Insert | Names > | Define... ?

Then, whenever I find that I need to insert additional rows, I think there is a simpler method to edit/modify the named range of cells to end at a $L### cell, as needed.

In fact, I think the naming of the range is a red herring here, as your underlying problem is the same whether you use an explicit cell range or its name.

Is it possible to do, ...

If you insert rows or columns, formulae containing ranges spanning those insertions are automatically updated to expand the range. This is true whether the range appears explicitly or as a name. In other words, names are also updated appropriately. The problem is that the usual exception to that - perhaps understandably - is if rows or columns are inserted before or after the range, in other words immediately outside it.

But you can choose to allow exactly that - as you wish here - simply by ticking the option at Tools | Options... | OpenOffice Calc | General | Input settings | Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted.

I trust this helps.

Brian Barker

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