On 10/16/2016 10:41 PM, Brian Barker wrote:
If you insert rows or columns, formulae containing ranges spanning those insertions are automatically updated to expand the range. This is true whether the range appears explicitly or as a name. In other words, names are also updated appropriately. The problem is that the usual exception to that - perhaps understandably - is if rows or columns are inserted before or after the range, in other words immediately outside it.

So, to have names updated appropriately, I simply must learn to insert any required additional rows "inside" the existing range of cells. Brilliant !! ;-) Doing so will save me headaches of sufferings. Apparently, I was imposing an exception, routinely ! ! I have been in the habit of waiting until I have used up all rows within the range of cells, going about inserting new, blank rows, located immediately outside the range, and then doing a copy & paste of that last "inside" row, in its entirety, to all newly added rows but the very last one. ....

But you can choose to allow exactly that - as you wish here - simply by ticking the option at Tools | Options... | OpenOffice Calc | General | Input settings | Expand references when new columns/rows are inserted.

Ahhh; I will give this Tools | Options ..... a try as well. Can't hurt. ....

Many thanks, again, Brian.


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