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> On 17/10/16 11:32 PM, Chaos wrote:
>> Beste MArtin,
>> het is openDocument Text.
>> De versie kan in nergens terugvinden.
>> Het staat op een kassascherm dus niet op een 'gewone' computer.
>> De labels worden geprint via een met kabels aangesloten Zebra printer.
>> GK420d staat op het printertje. EPL staat er nog bij properties.
>> Als ik bij printersettings - properties - geavanceerde instelling het
>> Mediatype 'Label with gaps' verander naar 'Continuous', worden er geen
>> extra blanco labels meer geprint, echter komt alles niet goed
>> uitgelijnd op de labels te staan (half over snijrand bvb)..
> Translate question / comment into English:
> it's open document Text.
> I can't find the version anywhere.
> It is displayed on a checkout screen, not on an ordinary computer.
> The labels are printed using a Zebra GK420d ELP printer connected with
> cables.
> If I am in printer settings - properties - Advanced setting, the Media
> Type Label with gaps' change to 'Continuous', no extra blank labels are
> more printed, however, all is not well aligned to stand on the labels
> (half on cutting edge example) ..
> Answer:
> The fact that you have an Open Document file doesn't mean that it is
> generated with OpenOffice.
> You should ask a system administrator or the company that has installed
> your checkouts to correct the problem.
> We're here to assist users with OpenOffice issues, not to solve non
> related business issues.


Please read my earlier post in this thread. Nynke's original post
included 3 jpeg screen photo attachments (removed by the server), which
clearly show that it is a recent (possibly 4.1.2) version of Apache
OpenOffice that is being used here.

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