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From: Gary Madine <gary.e.mad...@gmail.com>
To: users@openoffice.apache.org
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2018 08:18:21 -0500
> I’m trying to prepare an important business letter in a hurry.
> How the hell do I disable your automatic "guessing-ahead-of-time" what words 
> I want to type?
> I’m going to go to the web to find out faster.  I’ll use another tool to 
> prepare my comments with
> details.
> Any followups will cover your response to the nasty “feature” your tool is 
> exercising.
> dis-respectfully
> Gary E. Madine

First a note to list subscribers: Please recognize that Garry (not
subscribed) has written his message in a frustrated and irritated frame
of mind and as a list moderator I would request that you please resist
the temptation to respond in a way that might be inflammatory.

Gary: Please understand who you are communicating with.The list
subscribers who get to read your message are unpaid volunteers and very
few (if any) are the same unpaid volunteers who wrote the software you
have been given for free.

By analogy, if someone injures themselves with a power tool without
knowing or learning how to use it, who is to blame? The same holds true
in the case of software that does not function exactly the way the user
thinks it should.

The (crap) feature is called "Word Completion", part of the
"AutoCorrect" facility and can be turned on and off as required.

The software comes with a in-built *Help* facility, accessed by tapping
the keyboard *F1* function key. The in-built Help reads:

    "/Turning Off AutoCorrect /
    /By default, OpenOffice automatically corrects many common typing
    errors and applies formatting while you type. /
    /To quickly undo an automatic correction or completion, press Ctrl+Z. /
    /To turn off most AutoCorrect features, remove the check mark from
    the menu Format - AutoCorrect - While Typing./"

A more detailed explanation is:

  * From Writer's main menu select "/Tools -> AutoCorrect Options.../"

  * In the "/AutoCorrect/" dialog (window) that opens, click the "/Word
    Completion/" tab and click to untick/uncheck the "/Enable word
    completion/" box

  * Click the "/OK/" button and the crap will stop.

There are other documentation and support resources on the website at

I trust this helps.


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