On 03/07/2018 10:58 AM, Jackson Snyder wrote:
Recently my openoffice writer screen began opening with the view that I have attached as a screenshot.  I know this is a simple fix, but I can't find it.  Will you tell me where it is so I can get it back to the regular page view?  It's like the program is expecting 3 pages.  Thank you.

Note that the mailing list strips attachments so your screenshot isn't available to us.

Now for a wild guess - in the right of the status bar at the bottom of your Writer window there are three little icons looking like sheets of paper. Click on the leftmost one and see if the problem is resolved. If your status bar is not visible, go to View | Status bar to enable it.

If this doesn't resolve your problem, perhaps post your screenshot on a file sharing service and mail the list with an URL.

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