At 17:52 07/03/2018 +1100, Martin Groenescheij wrote:
On 07/03/18 3:38 PM, Brian Barker wrote:
At 09:39 07/03/2018 +1100, Martin Groenescheij wrote:
Please explain how to repair.

If you run the installation file for an application again, in most cases it will detect that the product is already installed and offer to repair that installation: to reset the files as they would have been after the original installation using the same options.

Well, the user told that he has downloaded the latest version of OpenOffice and said it is just rubbish.
Repairing a version that is just installed doesn't take away his frustration

if your issue persists, you can uninstall and reinstall again.

How does that help?

Like repairing, reinstallation can correct problems if the installed product files have been corrupted in some way.

Because he said that it changes completely his previous files it sounds to me that he had a problem with file associations and to my knowledge repairing or reinstalling OpenOffice doesn't help there either.

As far as I'm aware the original poster didn't mention openGL.

All the more reason to make him or her aware of it, perhaps? (... if it is relevant.)

I run Windows 10 but there is no option to activate previous version in the Properties.

Oh, there is! It's on the Previous Versions tab - or can be accessed directly via "Restore previous versions" in the context menu. You will have enabled File History at Start | Settings | Update & Security | Backup | Backup using File History, won't you?

So this is conditional and works only for Windows, unfortunately the original poster (Oliver Lassalle) didn't mention any Operating System.

I wasn't answering the original enquirer: what made you think I was? If I had been, I would have quoted his questions, but I quoted nothing from his original message. As you can see from what I quoted, I was commenting on your critique of a previous reply. You asked for an explanation of repairing; you asked how repairing or reinstallation could help; you asked about restoring previous versions of files in *your* Windows 10. I answered those questions.

Brian Barker

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