On 12/08/18 09:26, Richard Beeston wrote:
Dear Users

I have recently created a 30000 word document in Open Office 4.1.5 and have 
been trying to transfer/copy to an External Hard Drive for back up purposes but 
each time I try to copy it a window comes up saying “ unable to copy - 
Administrators approval required. “ I am still editing this document and want 
to copy each edited document back to the back up on a twice daily basis. This 
situation is making the editing so precarious as I do not want to lose the 
whole document if I have a crash.

I am using Windows 7 and would appreciate any comments that may come.

Many Thanks

That is a Windows message; this site https://superuser.com/questions/692461/admins-permission-to-copy-a-file-into-program-files-folder seems to offer a solution. A web search for the error message will turn up more results if needed.

cc to OP as he is not subscribed to the list.

David Robley

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