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> Dear Madam, Sir,
> today I have opened an Open Office document after I started my computer.
> When I wanted to open the document it asked me to update the Open Office
> and I clicked yes. When the document opened it asked me what ASCII
> filter options and I chose the character set that it offerd and clicked
> OK. It has fucked up my document that contained my reservations and now
> I can´t get it back. PLEASE, I BEG YOU, PLEASE HELP ME get it back.
> Please let me know what I need to do. Thank you

What kind of document (ods, odt, odg, what?)
In what way is it ”fucked up”? Are some characters wrong or does it all
look like random characters or what?
Did you save your document before you closed when you saw that your
document was ”fucked up”?
Have you tried to open an older version of your document from your daily
incremental backups? What does those look like?

>From where did you download Apache OpenOffice? It sounds strange to me that
it asks you to update when trying to open a file, but on the other hand I
didn't use Apache OpenOffice for a long time now, so I'm not sure. Anyway,
always download from and never ever from
anywhere else. You can not be sure what you are actually downloading

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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