AOO415m1(Build:9789) -  Rev. 1817496
2017-12-11 17:25 ;  DELL desktop; Win10-64 Home edition


I think there is a way to accomplish my wish; I might have done it once before, but a long time ago.  I did not find any solutions in the Calc Guide Chap 3 documentation.

I have created an XY (Scatter) - Lines Only graph based on data contained in $G$6:$G$41. The existing graph has a Y-axis that shows 0 to 700 (increments of 100) and an X-axis that shows 0 to 40 (increments of 5).  My questions concern the Y-axis:

1. I want the Y-axis display to start at 300 (350 would be even better)
   and end at 700 (650 would be even better).
2. It would also be GREAT if the Y-axis is scaled in increments of say
   5, or 10, between 350 (start/minimum) and 650 (end/maximum).

If any of this is indeed possible, what must I do ?


My other questions are about editing/revising/correcting the labels assigned to a existing graph:

1. For example, if I made a typo in the Title of a graph, what must I
   do to correct the error, w/o creating the graph from scratch?
2. Or, if a Legend is included, how can it be removed?
3. Or, can I add a Subtitle to an existing graph?


TNX, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.


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