Your "update " to this mailing list is weird.
But, apart from that, I've tried reasonings.
It seem that you use OS Windows 10 and so you may trying the procedure as
- open the "Settings" board clicking the Gear icon in the Start menu;
-  click "System" settings;
-  clìck "About" from listed options;
-  click "Advanced system settings";
On 'System Properties' board click "System Protection" tab and at last
click 'System Restore". It causes restoration of all previous updates to
the restoration point in time you'll choice. If you do this, you must be
very patient because of long time of restoration (more than an hour).
By the way: next time you'll write mail ìnto this mailing list, be more
precise for details.

On Sat, 6 Jan 2024, 07:21 edna hampton, <> wrote:

> I applied your update a few days ago an after the update I was not able to
> open any of my saved documents I had to uninstall the update an go back to
> the previous version so if there is a bug then fix it so I can then use the
> update until then I cant. I should be able to open anything I have saved
> before the update an I cant the reason I have to use the previous version
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