Dear Alberto Rodriguez-Natal,

Thanks for your kind advise.
Now, my case is targeting for xTR case, not MN.
I'll try with NETCONF.
Moreover, very thanks to recommend the nice paper.
Best regards.

/Yoonseon Han

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 5:28 PM, Alberto Rodriguez-Natal 
<<>> wrote:
Hi YoonSeon,

There is a NETCONF interface to configure OOR on runtime that you may want to 
take a look at.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that it is targeted only towards xTR config at this 
point. However, extending it for MS support should be feasible in case you want 
to give it a try.

Another option you can look into would be to use OOR in combination with 
OpenDaylight serving as MS/MR.

Hope this helps,

On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 4:54 PM, YoonSeon Han 
<<>> wrote:
Dear OOR contributors,

Hi, I'm Yoonseon Han who interested in to use LISP for my mobility support.
Now, I'm doing a small project to support virtual machine mobility.

My question is how can I add new VM mapping info. to local OOR database?
For example, Host A is migrated from xTR1 to xTR2.
Then, I need to remove the mapping information at xTR1, and add new mapping to 
xTR2, as well as mapping system.
But, I cannot find a command or interface to access OOR local database.

The only way for my case is
  1) turn off OOR
  2) edit OOR.conf fie with new mapping db.
  3) turn on OOR again

Is there any way to change local data base dynamically such as CLI, REST, or 
other interface?
Best regards.

/Yoonseon Han

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