Hi everyone, 

Thanks to Michaël Baudin's inputs, I have made a function which enables 
functional plots using openTURNS . 
If you don't know this, it is useful when you have lots of 1D curves and you 
want to find the mean curve, outliers, etc. 

Here is the GitHub : 


and in case, here is the reddit link: 


The master branch is making heavy use of scikit-learn instead of OT . This 
choice is motivated by the speed and 
by the ability to optimize easily the bandwidth (for kernel smoothing). 

The openTURNS branch uses the class ot.KernelSmoothing and the function 
Michaël has done some work for replacing the PCA's class from scikit-learn with 
OT. I will eventually get some time to integrate this (or someone can ;)). 

Both branches are tested and slightly documented. Feel free to comment and even 
do pull requests :) 


Pamphile ROY 
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