It seems that your guest file system is corrupted.
The dd approach won't help cause this is a virtual disk,
you need to fix the virtual disk inside the lv, that's why any operations on 
the lv won't help. 
You can try shutting down the vm (not paused, but literally down) and add the 
guest vm disk as
a second disk to another vm.
In the second vm try to run fsck on the disk and see if it helps.
In any case before trying to manipulate the disk image please save a backup!!!
let me know how it goes...

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> Sent: Sunday, December 2, 2012 11:17:43 AM
> Subject: [Users] VM has paused due to unknown storage error
> H i everyone,
> Sunday fun : )
> One of our cr itical Linux VMs ran out of disk space. I cleared up
> space by removing old application logs within the guest, rebooted
> the g uest and was presented with the following information message
> during bootup when the filesystem ext3/ 4 scan runs:
> Clearing orhpaned inode .....
> Shortly after this message the the guest is p aused by oVirt and the
> "VM has paused due to unknown storage error" message is displayed in
> the oVirt web GUI.
> On the physical node itself, I fo und t he following error in
> /var/log/vdsm/vd sm.log:
> libvirtEventLoop:: INFO::2012-12-02
> 09:05:50,296::libvirtvm::1965::vm.Vm::(_onAbnormalStop)
> vmId=`23b9212c-1e25-4003-aa18-b1e819bf6bb1`::abnormal vm stop device
> ide0-0-1 error eother
> Any ideas on how to get more inf ormation on what exactly the error
> is?
> I've tried booting the guest into r es cue mode , run a manual fsck
> on the logical v olume but each time the guest is automaticall
> paused due to the "unknown storage error".
> We are using a FC SAN for s torage , s o what I've decided to try is
> expo rt the disk using "dd" on the physical node and t hen try
> repairing it by mounting it as a loop filesystem on a nother
> physical ser ver , and then use "dd" to import it back in again.
> Is this the right approach to take to get the system back online?
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