On 05/18/2013 08:01 PM, Ryan Wilkinson wrote:
I'm trying to get usb pass-through working for Windows IE clients. Where can I get the usbclerk service install as mentioned in this email??

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    On 04/26/2013 02:41 PM, Itamar Heim wrote:

        On 04/25/2013 07:50 PM, Ryan Wilkinson wrote:

            Can't seem to get an answer as to if usb pass-through is
            supported from
            a Windows IE 8 or 9 client over Spice??

        iirc, yes.
        adding spice-devel though

    Spice usbredir works on Windows clients, with some limitations:
    1. The user has to install the WinUSB driver for the specific USB
        or the user has to install the usbclerk service (on the client
    2. USB composite devices are not currently supported.
    3. USB audio/video devices (isochronous) are not supported.

Code for usbclerk is available on this git repo:

Binaries are not available upstream.

To build it you'll need libwdi and windows driver kit.

After building it install/uninstall the service with:
  usbclerk.exe install
  usbclerk.exe uninstall

Also there is an NSIS installer file that you can build and use.

Alternatively you can install the WinUSB driver for each specific USB device
with other tools (e.g. zadig). Install WinUSB driver before using usbredir (but
can be done while remote-viewer is running).


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