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Thanks for the response.  Is the master release accessible via a repo.?

from your question I understand that you are currently using ovirt 3.2.1 rather
than master [to answer Itamar's question from the previous e-mail], and that 
the slowness of the portals on IE8 that you are experiencing.

Please note that on oVirt master, the performance improvement patches for IE8 
only the user portal; unfortunately, the admin portal still suffers from 
problems on IE8.

with regards to the master release accessibility: I am not sure if we have a 
release; you can build oVirt-engine directly from the code-repo by following the
instructions in the following wiki-page: 

@Itamar/others: do we have some kind of a nightly/weekly/occasionally 
repository of
ovirt builds/rpms? the IE8 performance patches were introduced to oVirt master 
on March 1
(almost 2 months ago), so anything rebased from ovirt master at that point in 
time or
afterwards would be helpful.

yes, there is a nightly build (it changes every night...)

set nightly to enabled (maybe need to disable the others).
that's for fedora - I think we have one for .el6 now with 3.2.1 supporting it.

I've been using Fedora 18.  Is usb pass-through not supported for Windows

as Itamar mentioned below, spice-devel mailing-list members (CC'd) should be 
able to answer
this question.

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On 04/20/2013 01:26 AM, Ryan Wilkinson wrote:
Does the Windows spice client not support usb pass-through?  Also, is
extremely slow with IE 8.  Any advice on speeding the user or admin
console up in IE8?

Users mailing list

adding spice-devel for the usb question.
for the IE8 - some improvements went to master for IE8 performance, but
i don't think they are in ovirt 3.2.1 (einav?).

that's right: the recent IE8 improvements are not included in ovirt 3.2.1,
they are only in master.

are you using master or 3.2.1?

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