> Some people have reported success creating an image of the desired
> size, then noting the name of this new image, and copying the old
> image into the place of the new one, with the new name. Something
> like that might work, but I don't have first-hand experience w/
> it.
> Jason

Hi Jason,

Due to lack of viable alternative, I've decided to go and try this
approach. I just had a look at my datafiles:

- these are either 8gb (OS) or 250gb (LVM images)
- can't mount those directly in my host OS (tried because of the next
- I don't know to what VM this image/VM belongs . They're all quite
the same (basic debian install), so determining it just by running
strings etc on those will not be easy
- I can't import the old VMs from the old storage. If I create new
images and dd the old information into those new images the metadata
will not be copied too.

So the only option is not reusing the VM's  but creating completely
new ones and determining which disk images are required for these VMs.
Then creating the new image structure and dd'ing the corresponding
images from the old VMs into the new ones. In order to do so I need to
know what data belongs to what VM.
Is there a trick for doing this?

I still do have the database from the old ovirt machine, this might
save me. Will have a look into that one tomorrow.


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