> Hi Boudewijn,
> So we can proceed and recover your data i'd like to know -
> 1. can you use the db backup? will you lose any important data if you chose 
> to use it?
> 2, did you have snapshots for your vm?
> please answer so we can proceed with it, we can find methods for restoring 
> without having to perform images copy (and to restore with copying) - but 
> each way has it's implications.
> thanks,
> Liron.

Dear Liron,

Sure thank you very much :).

1: Well it's just a database dump. I can import it into a fresh db,
that's no problem.
2: No I did not have snapshots for my VMs as far as I know. I might have
a single one (in order to test/play around), but I will not mind losing it.


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