Dear Demeter Tibor,

My ovirt 3.3 were successfully connected to FreeIPA server. Yesterday updated 
to ovirt 3.4. It works. My FreeIPA server is installed on 32-bit Fedora 19. 
Ovirt engine and virtualization nodes are CentOS 6.5. As far as I remember I 
was able to connect ovirt:

1.       without using --ldap-servers=

2.       –user=admin@mydoman.local<mailto:–user=admin@mydoman.local>

3.       You can use –interactive to be asked for your FreeIPA server admin 
Hope this helps.


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Demeter Tibor
Sent: Friday, March 28, 2014 10:20 AM
Subject: [Users] Cannot add IPA server to ovirt


I made an IPA server for testing purposes, but I cannot add to ovirt 3.4. The 
IPA server seems to be working good.

When I add IPA to ovirt, I get this error mesage:

[root@ovirttest etc]# engine-manage-domains add --domain=itsmart.local 
--user=admin --provider=ipa 
No KDC can be obtained for domain itsmart.local

What does mean this?

Can me help anyone?



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