I read the following page :
and applied it on a server, and it ran very well.

I obtained the two executables, copied them into "program files" according to the doc, along with the .ini as stated here :

- the "-install", the start, and the enabling went fine
- rebooting the server runs OK too, and the agent is seen by oVirt

What I don't understand is the following sentence of

"Optionally install py2exe if you want to build an executable file which
doesn't require Python installation for running"

As I don't know python at all, I thought this was building some sort of "self-executable" binary that I could copy-paste into another VM, and do the same install/enable/run.

And WITHOUT installing any Python environnement.

I'm sorry for such a weak question, but if this is not the case, does that mean I have to install a Pyhton env on each of my windows VMs?

BTW, I tried to copy-paste the programfiles/guestagent... into another server, and when running the install, it gives a message
[in french, :(  ]
L'application n'a pas pu démarrer car sa configuration côte-à-côte est incorrecte.
That could be translated by :
The application could not start because its side-by-side (?) config is incorrect.

PS : Time is not anymore at launching windows_vs_linux war, but I just installed the guest agent on 17 _linux_ VMs in 3 minutes...

Nicolas Ecarnot
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