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> > Thank you! From the XML it seems that the size of the memory is bigger
> > than the size of integer - and we are trying to parse it to int and it
> > fails.
> >
> > @Sphoorti - could you please check if it is indeed this problem and
> > provide a patch if yes?
> >
> > >
> > > that is the id of c7server that causes movirt to terminate when trying to
> > > connect to it
> > >
> > >
> > https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwoPbcrMv8mvbmJsTFlrN2l5R00/view?usp=sharing
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> > > Gianluca
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> > Ok, I'll test the patch when available.
> In the mean time I registered same incorrect behavior after:
> - updating my engine and y host to latest CentOS 6.6 + patches
> - updating the 3.5.0 infra to latest 3.5.1
> - using an ldap user instead of admin@internal

after this, have you un-selected in settings the "Admin Privilege"? Because 
oVirt's REST behaves differently when you send the "Filter: False" (e.g. you 
have admin privilege) and "Filter: True" header (e.g. don't have admin 
privilege). It is a duality in the oVirt's REST and we have to follow it in 

> BTW: what are the permissions requirements for a user on a vm in general to
> be able to see it and its status in movirt?

Minimal possible. As soon as you can see the VM in user portal, you can see it 
in moVirt (but need to set the "admin privilege to false in settings). For 
example we have tested moVirt on cloudspin.me a lot and there we have only the 
"instance creator" role.

> One note on usability:
> using the smartphone (Samsung S2 has 4.3" display) I noticed that if I
> connect to a VM, then the notification part related to it seems somehow
> small in the bottom part of the display.
> It would be nice to have a sort of ability to enlarge or dim it, so that
> one could concentrate on vm events or vm status details depending on
> his/her needs...

Sphoorti is now working on a patch where you will not have all this on one 
screen but it will look like this:
- pick a VM
- you will see only the VM details (e.g. memory size usage, OS, console etc) 
and 3 buttons:
- events, disks, network interfaces
- when clicking, it would open a new screen with the events/disks/nics

Would this be a solution?

> Gianluca
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