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> The patch is now available on https://github.com/matobet/moVirt
> Thank you so much for being so supportive while testing moVirt.
> Looking forward for your feedback.
> Best Regards,
> Sphoorti
> hello,
I confirm that now I'm able to correctly connect to all the three vms in
this environment where I have dns in place.
I also see that the icon at the right of the VM line has changed from
"UP"/"DOWN" to a coloured triangle icon:  nicer
And I confirm that the problem was the same for the other environment
without dns in place where I have to use ip based information and disable
In fact all the 4 VMs have >= 2Gb of ram configured and so the problem
arose for all of them. Now I can click on all of them and see their
information without crash of the app.

I'm going to test other features.
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