I'm testing oVirt 3.5.2 nightly with 1 host for engine, 2 for virt (v10,v11) 
and 2 for GlusterFS (s20,s21). The Master Data Domain (named DATA) rely on 

I've added second Data Domain (named DATA_R3) in order to switch the Master 
role and remove the old one. Every time I try to put the old Data Domain in 
maintenance I got the following error:

"Sync Error on Master Domain between Host v10 and oVirt Engine. Domain: DATA_R3 
is marked as Master in oVirt Engine database but not on the Storage side. 
Please consult with Support on how to fix this issue."

Same error if I try to put DATA in maintenance from the shell:

# action storagedomain '62a034ca-63df-44f2-9a87-735ddd257a6b' deactivate 
--datacenter-identifier '00000002-0002-0002-0002-00000000022f'

I cannot switch to the new Master Data Domain neither I can put the Data Center 
in maintenance.

I'm not sure if it is related to bug 1183977.  I've already upgraded to 
ovirt-engine-3.5.2-0.0.master.20150224122113.git410d88b.el6.noarch but the 
problem still happen.

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