Hi list,

I want to *schedule a VM backup* in ovirt 3.5. I read below URL.


It gives an below example of VM backup

Example for VM Backup

   - Use existing VM Snapshot/Create a vm snapshot (example):

 URL = SERVER:PORT/api/vms/VM_ID/snapshots
 Method = POST
 (with Content-Type:application/xml header)
 Body =
 <description>Virtual Machine 1 - Snapshot For Backup</description>

But, How can I find the *VM_ID* of the VM that I want to backup?

How can I write this below format?

 URL = SERVER:PORT/api/vms/VM_ID/snapshots

MY Ovirt Engine manager is running on another PC. (let's say
engine.example.com ) i can access it by typing

is it https://engine.example.com/api/vms/*VM_ID*/snapshots ? I can't
access it in firefox browser?

Should I write a script? is there any Youtube video or doc that makes
me to understand this?

Hope to hear from you.

cat /etc/motd

Thank you
Indunil Jayasooriya
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