On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 01:31:10PM +0200, Kevin COUSIN wrote:
> Hi Dan, 
> I want to monitor my oVirt infrastructure with Zabbix. I found a zabbix 
> template , but it needs to modifiy libirtd.conf to enable libvirt-snmp to 
> access VM informations (https://github.com/jensdepuydt/zabbix-ovirt).

If all you need is monitoring, libvirt-snmp should be happy to use a
read-only connection to libvirt, which is kept open by default.

If this is impossible, I suggest to file a bug on libvirt-snmp.

If you trust libvirt-snmp and zabbix not modify VM state, you can
replace "sasl" with "none", and restart libvirt, supervdsm and vdsm.

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